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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team Building

Last Feb 26, me and my team mates went to Zambales for our team building. We spent weeks planning the said event and was even at the brink of having our team building at Pansol, Laguna.. hehe. Good thing, we were able to push through with our Zambales trip.

Some of the preparations included bringing our own tents. We planned to camp by the beach and do activities there. We even planned to drink alcohol while we're circling the bonfire. There's about 20pax so we decided to divide the team into 2.. The first half would go with Ann, the remaining will ride with Albert.

Now for what really happened:

Feb 26, Friday... After work, we waited for Ann's hubby so we could start our trip. We left Shaw Blvd. at past 6pm... I think it was almost 7. We first stopped at Marilao. I don't know the name of that place but there's Burger King, Delifrance, Henlin, etc. there... I opted to eat at Delifrance because I've been craving for pasta. :D

After dinner, we went back to the road, with us following Ann's vehicle. Somewhere in Pampanga, we stopped because Albert noticed some problem with his Adventure. When we reached a Petron station near Subic (or was it at Subic already?), we were told that we have to take the bus to Zambales because Albert's car might not make it to Iba, Zambales.

A few calls happened and the owner of the resort sent someone to pick us up from Petron station (the resort was owned by the family of Albert's friend). From that station to the resort, it was almost 2 hours travel time. It was already dark and it's already 2AM when we reached the resort.

As soon as we arrived, we took our bags, put them in the cottage we rented, and then we went to the beach to set up our tents. My tent's big enough to accomodate 4pax. I shared it with Joy and Kaye. We then started the fire for our bonfire. I never knew it's hard to start up a fire. The guys tried it first but they left us without having our bonfire started. So it was left to us girls to start the fire.

We used up a lot of paper, a lot of breath, and a lot of bamboo to get the fire started. We were so happy when we finally got the fire blazing. Yay!!

After setting up the tent and our bonfire, we went back to the cottage to eat. As soon as we've eaten, most of my team mates went to sleep! What happened to drinking near the bonfire and sleeping in our tents??? Na-da!

Since it's still dark, we decided to drink near our tents and bonfire. I went to the beach with Joy, Kaye, and Ate Riza. With 2 bottles of The Bar Orange Vodka, and Sprite, we head on to the beach and started drinking. After a while, Ann came with her hubby. Some pictures were taken and before the sun is up, we're already done with one bottle and decided to sleep.

Morning came. I was so excited that I immediately decided to go out and take a swim. But surprise, surprise! There's a big spider inside our tent. I'm afraid of it. Hence I was screaming and woke up Joy and Kaye. Kaye hit the spider with her slippers and Joy was a little irritated at me. After that, they went back to sleep while I went to the washroom for my morning rituals.

When I got back, Joy and Kaye were no longer there. I looked at the beach and saw two of my teammates already in the water. I went swimming with them, without any sunblock! A few hours after swimming, other teammates came and we then started with games such as Tug-of-War and Sack Race.

As the games ended, I felt like I'm gonna lose consciousness 'coz of the heat. With that, I asked Joy to accompany me back to the beach, to somehow cool myself. While in the water, our teammates decided to go snorkeling for just 50Php each.

I went with them and we first went into an underwater cave. I'm not that good in swimming. I'm actually afraid of the water so it was some struggle for me to leave the boat and get into the water. After some time, Manong, said that there's a black beach somewhere. And if we want, we could go there for an additional fee of 50Php.

We agreed to go there and it was another long boat ride. Alas! The black beach looks so barren and deserted. The sand isn't sand at all. It's like pebbles all over, the type that you put in your aquarium. There's more!! There's a lot of creatures in the water --- jellyfish and some sort of worm-like creatures that I've mistaken for a snake! Freaky!!!

Since it's obvious that none of us enjoyed the black beach, we went back to the underwater cave, this time, on the other side where it's much deeper. After soaking for almost an hour, we went back to the resort.

We had lunch, had shower and then drank Red Horse, and Gilbey's Premium. We also spent the afternoon singing songs via Videoke that would hang after every song! Personally, I don't know what came over me... My choice of songs (that I would ask my teammates to sing for me) are all "Sunday morning" songs - Hard Habit to Break, Make it Real, Insensitive... Damn!

Then came another bad news, Albert's vehicle is not yet fixed and we might stay until 9PM that Saturday. We were given the option to stay and wait for it to be fixed or commute back to Manila. We opted to stay. About 4PM, we were told that it's fixed already so we commuted from Iba, Zambales to Olongapo.

Iba, Zambales to Olongapo is costly. It's 134Php already, excluding the tricycle from the resort to the terminal. When we reached Olongapo, we went back to Petron station where Ann and the others were waiting for us. Know what, we were stopped twice by traffic enforces due to traffic violations! Aside from that misfortune, Joy and Kaye forgot their paper bag. Inside it were their shoes and the clothes they wore swimming early that day! Nice trip, 'ayt?

It's another long trip back to Manila. I was too tired that I get to sleep after the first toll. I woke up when we're already in Balintawak. We reached Philcoa by past 12AM.

There's a lot of other stories while we're there. But I don't want to post them 'coz I might get pissed again. It was a good trip, with bad luck/misfortunes on the side.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

I'd change it to Raye. I hate Arlhene.. It's too feminine. :D

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Monday, February 8, 2010

What was your favorite book as a child?

my favorite book as a child... it's the count of monte cristo. :)

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